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North Central Florida Tree Facts

Sabal Palms via Shade Shifters Tree Service Gainesville, Florida

As a full-service tree company in North Central Florida, Shade Shifters knows that different tree species have unique characteristics that require specific care and maintenance. Here, we’ll share some interesting facts about common trees in the area and why it’s important to keep them healthy.

Water Oak: Water oaks have shallow roots that are only 12 to 24 inches below ground, which makes them prone to uprooting during heavy winds or storms. To keep them healthy and reduce the risk of uprooting, it’s crucial to have them regularly trimmed or pruned.

Live Oak: Live oaks are known for their broad canopies that can provide ample shade. However, this can also create a hazard during storm season as their branches can become heavy and brittle, causing them to break and fall. Regular pruning can help reduce the risk of damage caused by falling branches.

Sabal Palm: Sabal palms (also known as the cabbage palm) are common throughout Florida and are known for their ability to withstand high winds and storms. However, they still require proper care and maintenance to keep them healthy and looking their best. Regular pruning can help promote healthy growth and prevent the spread of disease.

Southern Magnolia: Southern magnolias are a popular ornamental tree in north central Florida due to their beautiful, fragrant flowers. However, they can grow quite large and dedicated pruning can help maintain their shape and prevent damage to nearby structures.

Red Maple: Red maples are a popular tree due to their vibrant fall foliage and are often found in swampy conditions. They’re also susceptible to diseases and pests such as the Asian long-horned beetle. Regular monitoring and treatment can help prevent these issues and keep your red maple healthy.

It’s important to provide your trees with proper nutrition and care. This includes regular fertilization, watering, and pest control. By taking care of your trees, you can help them thrive and provide numerous benefits such as shade, beauty, clean air, and increased property value.

At Shade Shifters, we are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality tree services. Whether you need trimming, pruning, removal, or other tree services, our team of experienced professionals is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help keep your trees healthy and beautiful for years to come!