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Winter Trimming

Winter trees

Winter can be demotivating. The weather usually puts people back inside. Turns out, winter is actually one of the best times to trim your trees! Not only is it great for tree health, but can also help with preventative maintenance, ensuring that your trees are in tip-top shape heading into spring.

It’s a common misconception that tree trimming should be saved for warmer periods. In reality, winter is a perfect time to prune, trim, and even remove trees and shrubs. For example, pruning certain fruit trees in the winter can actually optimize production and yield down the road.

During the winter months, some trees become dormant, resulting in falling leaves (sometimes in overwhelming amounts depending on where you live) until spring spurs a period of rapid growth. This provides numerous advantages for tree upkeep.

First, less leaves means it is easier to assess tree structure and point out potentially nefarious branches. Dead or damaged trees can be especially troublesome – or even dangerous – during the winter due to freezing temperatures and the presence of ice, making it essential to perform proper maintenance during this period. Additionally, some diseases are more readily spread during warmer periods, which is even more reason to trim during the winter!

It is absolutely understandable to want to stay inside by the fire in the wintertime. But a little winter tree maintenance goes a long way, saving you hassle down the road as the seasons pass.

Need some winter trimming or removal? Do you have any potentially dangerous branches made worse by winter weather? Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Shade Shifters! We can certainly help turn your property into a winter wonderland!

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